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We understand that your family may be going through a tough time and we are here to help through our dual gendered, dual professional approach to Divorce Mediation. Collaborative Solutions offers a smooth approach to the difficult time families go through during divorce. 


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     Divorce does not have to destroy families.

Research has shown that it is not the divorce that results in the destruction of families, rather it is how a couple relates to each other during and after the separation and divorce that makes the biggest difference of all (CCND).

What is divorce mediation

Why Choose Divorce Mediation?

Divorce Mediation is a process that fosters a safe, productive, and comfortable environment in which we can work collaboratively to address your issues. Mediators are a neutral third party that can help facilitate information. Divorce  Mediation can be used to tackle many issues or be used to highlight only a few. Our goal is to reach the best solution for your family.